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Why Scripture Scenes? We Believe in Giving Back!

One of the greatest gifts God gave us is sharing our lives with those we love. Rick and I have been married for 50+ years and both have a passion for serving God, traveling and photography! The times we have spent together in service are some of the most precious memories we cherish.

As a lifetime writer and photographer (along with my extremely talented photographer husband), we believe one of the most  beneficial ways to spread the Gospel is through the written word (scriptures) and through the visual beauty God has created for us.  What better way to visualize His word than through the imagery around us? 

We desire to share this with your church, home, office and ministries.  

Our projects for many years have been event banners and printing (business cards, banners, brochures, postcards, door hangers, flyers and more). In the last few years we realized that when you add "church" to the name of the buyer, the cost goes up on many products. 

We know, however, that many (or most!) small to medium size churches do not have an unlimited budget. Spending money for promotions may not be in the budget at all!  Yet without promotion, the event may not be successful.  We desire to help these ministries and churches grow for Jesus sake.

All of our products, and especially our Promotional Packages, have the some of the most competitive prices available. Our quality products meet or exceed all of the competitive products we have seen.

We hope you will give us  try and allow us to help you draw more people to Christ by Visualizing God's Word!


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Our Give Back Program

One thing we firmly believe is that when we are blessed, we need to share the blessings.  We have created a Give Back Program for all our customers.

We keep track of every order you place. Once you have placed five (5) product orders with us in a 24-month period, we will duplicate the fifth order and send it to a ministry of your choice at no cost to them or  you.  For example if you order four promotional packages during the year, on your fifth order we will send the same package to the ministry of your choice. 

We will customize it for them for free and ship it for free. To Clarify:  When you order a printing collection ($389 value) for your church, we will customize the same order for another church and send it to them for free.  We do limit this to one free order per year (12 month period)--we are generous but not crazy!

If banners are your thing, no worries! On your fifth order we will duplicate the banner order and send it to them for free. Whatever your fifth order happens to be, it will be duplicated!  The only stipulation is that it MUST go to a different ministry, church or church plant.

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